Wednesday, May 24, 2017

At The Beginning

At the beginning, God saw chaos in the land of computing and decided to take action. So…

On the first day, he created the System/360 mainframe and peripherals, and brought standards to the land of chaos.

On the second day, God saw the mainframe was lonely, and created RJE stations, terminals and time-sharing, bringing access to millions. And he was pleased.

On the third day, God saw that the mainframe was too large and only for the few and the rich, and he created DOS, the Intel 8080 processor and the smaller IBM PC to free the people.

On the fourth day, God saw the PC was lonely and limited, and Ethernets, file servers and the Internet were born, bringing computing freedom to the masses. And he was pleased.

On the fifth day, God saw the PC was too bulky and stationary, and created the handheld Apple Newton and Palm Pilot’s to untether the people and have computing fit in their pockets and purses.

On the sixth day, God saw the PDA was lonely and limited and created cellular data networks, which begat the iPhone and the many Android variants, and computing was carried everywhere by everyone. And he was pleased.

On the seventh day, God created billions of tiny processors running everything from cars to refrigerators and connected them to the Internet using Bluetooth, low-power RF, 5G cellular and dozens of other technologies to form the Internet of Things.

And he was pleased.

And so he rested.

But the CIO won’t get a good night’s sleep for years to come.

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